Boy Scout Troop 38

Parent Information Guide


Updated: 8 February, 2009



Boy Scout Troop 38 is happy to have you and your Scout as part of the troop. We hope you will find this information useful in understanding how the troop operates and how you can help.


Who We Are

Troop 38 is a unit of the Seminole Trails District, Central Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America. The troop was initially organized in May of 1958, and is chartered to the Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic Church in Altamonte Springs, FL. Over the years we have seen more than 75 Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.


The adult leadership is provided by the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, and the Troop Committee. The Troop Committee is made up of the Committee Chairman, Chartered Organization Representative, Treasurer, and several additional Committee Members.



Troop meeting are held every Monday evening (with the exception of some holidays) from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the St. Mary Magdalen School cafeteria. Several times per year a Court of Honor is held to award rank advancements and merit badges signifying a Scout’s progress. A special Eagle Court of Honor ceremony is held for a Scout that achieves the rank of Eagle Scout. Family members and guests are always welcome at these Court of Honor ceremonies.


Parent Involvement

Parent participation is essential to the operation of an active troop. Your assistance is needed in several ways:


Assisting in fundraising activities (delivering mulch twice a year!)

Working with Scouts on their advancement and merit badge requirements

Assisting in the planning and execution of troop activities

Assisting in transportation to and from troop activities

Attending BSA leadership training

Assisting with Summer Camp


Fees and Fundraising

Each Scout is requested to pay an annual fee of $100 to cover the basic operational costs of the troop such as BSA registration fees, insurance, Boys Life subscriptions, and various awards and badges. The $100 annual fee is due February 1 and is not refundable. This $100 annual fee will be waived if the parent and the Scout have each helped deliver mulch at one (or both) of the mulch sales the previous year.

Fundraising activities are decided upon by the Troop Committee and handled in accordance with BSA policies and procedures. To provide a steady source of operating funds, the troop has had an on-going program of selling and delivering loads of mulch twice per year. This semi-annual mulch sale requires the participation of Scouts and parents to get the 80-100 loads of mulch delivered on the designated Saturday. The troop rents trucks and trailers as needed, so everyone should be able to help out. Each Scout that sells a load of mulch receives a portion of the profit (usually $10 - $12), which is kept on account as “mulch credits”. These “mulch credits” can be used by the Scouts to pay the fees for various troop activities or to purchase camping or Scouting related equipment as approved by the Troop Committee. The “mulch credits” are retained by the troop when a Scout leaves.


Scout Uniforms and Handbook

Scout uniforms can be purchased at Travel County Outdoors in Altamonte Springs, or at the Council Service Center on Highway 441 in Apopka. Each Scout should have the proper official uniform including shorts, shirt with insignias, belt/buckle, socks, neckerchief and slide. Scouts are expected to wear their uniform to all troop meetings, Court of Honor ceremonies, and certain other troop activities. For outdoor activities, Scouts may wear the Troop or BSA Camp T-Shirts with the Scout pants or shirts.


Each new Scout is also required to have the BSA handbook as soon as possible after joining the troop. The Boy Scout Handbook contains critical information that each Scout needs to participate in the program. The handbook can be purchased at the same places listed above.



Recognition and advancement are an important part of the Scouting program. The advancement requirements are designed such that the Scout will learn new skills and build self-confidence. The Scout himself is responsible for understanding what the requirements are and working to get them completed. The troop leadership is responsible for providing assistance and guidance, but it is up to the Scout to set the goal and then work to achieve it. All of the rank advancements require that the Scout be active in the troop and show "Scout Spirit". Scouts that do not regularly attend the troop meetings or activities will not be eligible for advancement.


Troop Activities

The troop leadership tries to provide an opportunity for the Scouts to participate in a variety of Scouting experiences including backpacking, canoeing, camping, fishing, snorkeling, swimming and a number of community service projects. The outdoor activities are essential, since this is where the Scouts develop and practice most of the skills required for the first three rank advancements. The service projects are also important for the Scout to develop a greater sense of caring for others. A troop schedule listing the planned activities is distributed and also available on the Troop 38 Web Site. The troop usually goes on an overnight camping trip each month (except July and December). Most campouts leave from SMM on Friday evening and return back to SMM on Sunday morning. The Scouts are expected to bring their required equipment, food and water for the weekend and they are expected to prepare and eat their own meals. Troop activities with special requirements will be communicated well in advance at Troop meetings and via e-mail.


Troop activities are run in accordance with BSA policies and procedures and require at least two adult leaders. When traveling to and from troop activities, all Scouts are to be in seat belts at all times.


The costs for most of these activities are picked up by the troop. Some activities may require the Scouts (and adults) to pay some/all of the fees.


The following items are not permitted at any Troop 38 activity:


Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco


Firearms, BB Guns, etc.

Laser Pointers

Radios, Televisions, Stereos, etc. (walkman/ipods with headphones okay)


Summer Camp

The summer camp program is an important part of the Scouting experience. The troop has generally scheduled a week in June or July to attend summer camp. In most of the years past the troop has gone to Camp La-No-Che (Paisley, FL), but there have also been expeditions to summer camps in Georgia and North Carolina. The cost for the week of summer camp is typically around $135, which the Scout could easily earn by selling mulch.


The week of summer camp requires the full time leadership of at least two adults. Reservations and initial deposits for summer camp are made in January, with final rosters and merit badge course selections turned in by April. An early commitment by parents to provide the required leadership is essential.



All Scouts are expected to follow the Scout Law, the Scout Oath, and the Outdoor Code. Behavior that goes against those ideals brings disgrace upon the Scout, his parents, the adult leaders and the troop itself. The primary responsibility of the adult leaders is to ensure the safety of the Scouts and others. Scouts are expected to follow the directions of the adult leaders. Conduct that is disrespectful or unsafe will not be tolerated. Problems that occur while on a troop activity may result in a phone call to the parent asking you to come pick up your Scout. Continued problems in this area may result in a dismissal recommendation by the Troop Committee.