Confirmation flames
"You will receive power
when the Holy Spirit comes to you;
and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem,
and in all Judea and Samaria,
and to the ends of the earth."
Acts 1:8
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Pre-Application Step #5

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Pre-Application Process: Follow These Steps

  1. Ensure that you will be present for ALL the dates and that you have taken care of all scheduling conflicts Before applying to the program.
  2. Read below about Confirmation Readiness.
  3. Evaluate your teen in light of Confirmation Readiness.
  4. Rate your teen using 1 (lowest) —10 (Highest) [Cannot use 5].
  5. Write your score in the box to the left with at least a 5-sentence explanation for your score.
  6. Get involved in Life Teen ministry or a ministry of your choice.

Contact the Church where Candidate was Baptized to get Baptismal Certificate. All Baptismal Certificates must be in the office no later than July 5, 2018.

Notification of Acceptance will be going out by mid-July 2018. Upon acceptance into the formal Preparation Process, candidates will be contacted to interview with one of our small group leaders.

Our program is designed to help our young people develop the seeds of faith that were given to them at Baptism and to enable them to gradually accept for themselves the gift of faith that they have been given by God.

Readiness for the Sacrament of Confirmation

Can. 890 The faithful are obliged to receive this sacrament at the proper time. Parents and pastors of souls, especially pastors of parishes, are to take care that the faithful are properly instructed to receive the sacrament and come to it at the appropriate time.

A baptized person in grades 9, 10, 11, or older may receive the sacrament of Confirmation when evidence of readiness on the part of the candidate has been demonstrated. Evidence of Readiness includes:

  1. An expression of desire by the candidate to receive the sacrament. We encourage teens to make a personal choice without pressure from parents, peers or the parish.
  2. An understanding of the sacrament as a personal commitment to assume fuller responsibility in the community and in the ministry and service aspects of parish life.
  3. A sense of unity with the parish community as evidenced by participation in the liturgy and the Eucharist, with an awareness of what is taking place.
  4. A basic understanding of Christianity, including a deepened awareness of Jesus, His teachings and the role of the Church in continuing his mission.
  5. A witnessing in the way the candidate lives a Christian life. The candidate may be called upon to witness his/her faith in a world often dominated by outside pressures. His/her actions should reflect a loving reverence for God and his laws.
  6. Total participation in requirements of the formation process and all aspects of the Confirmation Preparation program including, retreats, group sessions, liturgical celebrations and reflection work, and Life Nights. Those unwilling or unable to fulfill these requirements would do better to delay their preparation for Confirmation until that time in which they are able to do what is expected.