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From the Pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As the fifty days of Easter unfolds, so does our Easter Message Series, “F.R.E.E.”. We are called into the glorious freedom of those who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. Yet, like the earliest disciples of Jesus Christ, this call to freedom manifests itself within very human limitations, human frailties. And so our Easter Message Series has moved us from that initial “Fear” that first gripped the followers of Jesus as they first witnessed the empty tomb, and heard the voice of the angel declare, “He is not here, He has been raised.”, to the “Realization” that what they thought had brought their fledgling discipleship to a tragic end (Jesus crucifixion and death) was, in fact, just the beginning, a re-birth (if you will) into the new life of the Risen Christ. From “Fear” and “Realization” they were led to an “Encounter” with Christ. Some he greeted with a breakfast of roasting fish on the shore of a lake; for others, like Thomas, the encounter was intensely personal, being invited to place his hands in the wounds of Christ, and not persist in his unbelief. For others it came in the Breaking of the Bread. These “Encounters” were necessary to move the disciples from unbelief to belief. But that was not the end of their Resurrection experiences. From “Encounters” with the Risen Christ they were ultimately called into an “Engagement” of what it now meant to be a believer, a disciple. This “Engagement” propelled them beyond the limits of their own small worlds into the larger arena of global discipleship, making them “fishers of men”. They were no longer just disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, but were now commissioned as disciple-makers, “Engaged” to go into the whole world and proclaim the Good News that Christ lives. 

Now the idea of our Message Series is that we are not just tracking the progression of those earliest disciples of Jesus, but, in fact, considering how we move in the exact same progression, from “Fear” to “Realization”, to “Encounter” and ultimately to “Engagement”. This progression is the maturing of our faith, and God’s call is no less intentional in our lives as it was for Peter and Paul and Mary and Martha and those whose lives we remember in these fifty days of Easter. Ultimately, for those who have “eyes to see, and ears to hear” God is moving us into those same mission fields of discipleship, and growing us into fully engaged “disciple-makers”.

I leave you with this bit of poetic prayer by Dom Helder Camara:

“Holy breathing of God,
I feel You stirring.

Warmed by this breath good things start to grow.
Even in strong, wealthy lands Fresh,
mobilizing calls evoke planetary piety,
Winning the hearts and the hands of the caring:
Each in her chosen path,
Each with a special gift,
Take their stand
To create a world more fit for living
More just and more humane.”

In Christ,

Fr. Charlie

Our Mission

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Parish is a Eucharistic community that places God first in all things and comes together as a family to love as Christ loves and serve as Christ serves.

Our Vision

To be a community of Disciple-makers.

Our Values
  • Community - a welcoming spirit and a culture of genuine inclusion into our diverse parish family
  • Engagement - loving God with all of our heart, our soul, our strength and our mind to actively and passionately build the Kingdom
  • Eucharist - celebrating the center of our faith through creative, vibrant and diverse liturgies
  • Faith Formation – committing to life-long learning through Catholic education from childhood through adulthood
  • Family – nurturing, empowering, and supporting strong families in today’s world
  • Stewardship – responding gratefully with sacrificial generosity for all God has given us
  • Witnessing and Evangelizing – living the Gospel by sharing and teaching our faith through conversion of mind and heart, and reconciliation with God and one another
Mass Schedule
Saturday Liturgies
5pm Mass (in English), 7pm Mass * (in Spanish).
Please Note: Reconciliation is from 3pm to 4pm and between 6:00pm and 6:45pm on Saturdays
Sunday Liturgies (all in English)
  • 8:00 am Mass *
  • 10:00 am Mass * (Adult Choir -- interpreted for the deaf)
  • 12:00 Noon Mass *
  • 5:30 pm Life Teen Mass (Contemporary Choir)
Please Note: * denotes Liturgy of the Word for Children is offered.
Weekday Liturgies
Monday through Friday:
    7am & 8:30am Mass (in English),
    12:00 Noon during Lent only
Saturday: 8:00am Mass (in English)
Thursday evening: 7pm Mass (in Spanish)